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Live, community, live!! XD

Looks like we might have something to look forward to soon, as the boys have been blogging about cutting/coloring their hair... I bet there's an image change coming! :D And you know what that usually means... with the changing of the image comes a new chapter in Velgreed's biography (I hope, anyway). It doesn't look like, even in lieu of the recent lineup proceedings, that the current members are showing any signs of stopping as of yet. :) Keep an eye on the OHP!!

Also, this is still your old mod, kiaki, I've just moved journals! Nothing to worry about. :)

PS -- The comm has grown to over 80 members. When did this happen?? XD;
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I have a quick question...or rather, a couple of quick questions. ^^;

1. I was wondering what the names of the bands that the members were previously with, especially Naru, please. (I remember he was in a band called...Lovin'...I think...)
2. Does anyone have any of VELGREED's PVs, if they came out with any? Same with the previous bands of the other members?
3. I'm looking for this one PV that I think is from Naru's previous band...he didn't put the name to it, but I'm wondering if it was possible if anyone could find it for download or something, pretty please.

Here's two pics that he (Naru) took of it. (On a side note: I'm gonna miss Airu when he leaves. T_T)


If it's not up in the blogs yet, I'm sure it will be soon...

At their live last night, it was announced that Airu will be leaving the band next year. I didnt quite catch the date. I was rather disappointed, since I had hoped their news would be something else...
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New Stuff!

Wow, I know this community is a little dead, but we need to spread the love!!
Thanks to the help of sankakukoen, who is currently living in Osaka, I have procured a copy of "Facts Drown In Abuse", the second single by Velgreed! I've had it for a little while, but thought I would upload it (finally).

Facts Drown In Abuse
Incarnation of Resonance

I still haven't figured out a way to re-encode these files so that they're mp3's instead of mp4's, so for now they are only playable on iTunes. I'm sorry for this. D: I hope you can all still find a way to enjoy this. Unlike the previous media posts, I have kept this one unlocked, (non-friends-only), in the hopes that people who aren't sure about the fandom can come find this and have a listen. :3

PS; an interesting fact -- on the back of the CD jacket, they gave "Special Thanks" only to DI3SRAE and GRIEVER, both bands of which Naru posts about/hangs out with often (according to his blog). I wonder just what they did to get a shout-out like that? XD

Also, according to the OHP; they have a new one-coin (500 yen) single coming out on the 27th of this month entitled; "Remorse"! I'll try and get my hands on that one if possible, too. ♥
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Even though there are other members in this band, I'm noticing we all seem to have a collective favourite here. XD; As such, I just wanted to share with you (in case you haven't seen it/have missed it so far) this very special photo a la Naru from his blog.

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Comment CD

I hate to have my first post to this group be a sales post, but... Well, I'll introduce myself first.

I've been a fan of Velgreed since they first started, and a fan of Naru since he was in a band called Neiro (before Vulgar and Lovin). I live in Osaka, so I have the opportunity to see them play from time to time (though I don't go to every live). I'm glad that someone decided to make a Velgreed community!! I run a community for DI3SIRAE - who belong to the same management company as Velgreed and are also good friends.

Now for the sales part. When I bought their Dystopia CD, I received a comment CD. It was only given to people who bought the CD from the band at the live house - not from any of the CD shops. Anyway, I love their music, but I dont really need the comment CD. It's pretty long: over 18 minutes. They talk about the songs on the CD and then they chat about their interests and such (for a very long time!).

I'm sure everyone would prefer me to upload this CD, but I have zero technological ability! If anyone would be interested in buying the CD, please let me know. It ships from Japan, but I can do it pretty cheaply (as long as you dont mind basic airmail without insurance).


Hello! :D I just wanted to know if anyone more familiar with Velgreed can confirm the identity of these guys.
Click the picture for full size!

The one in the middle is Yuu (Suicide Ali) and the other two are members from Velgreed.
I'm a new fan.. well, I shouldn't consider myself a fan just yet, so I'm not too familiar with the members.
From repeatedly staring and comparing photos, I concluded that the guy on the left is Airu and the one of the left is Shion.
Confirmations? :O