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Awakening the 4 Ray Album Art & Keitai Ranking

Hey everyone! Just a quick note that Velgreed has updated their OHP with the art for Awakening the 4 Ray!

Looks very pretty~. ♡

Just to let you all know this is still available for preorder on CD Japan!!

It seems to be getting quite popular, too. All the boys have been posting that they have a, as Haruka put it, "monopoly" over the Like An Edison keitai-ranking; coming in at #1, #2, AND #3 for the songs from their new maxi-single. XDD

Naru demonstrates with a photo of his own keitai. 8D/ Unfortunately as hard as I've tried to find the same access on the regular website, it seems that these things are limited only to Japanese cell-phone users. Alas.

Well, congratulations to them for their success! (n_n)v
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