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Hello ベルグリード fans!

I have here for you a gift!!
All of the Velgreed photos I have ever accumulated since the start of their band.
They are in no particular order, feel free to have a look. :)
All these links will bring you to my respective Velgreed Photobucket albums. :D Enjoy!!

Naru **

** Note: There are not 4976398673 more images of Naru because I took more effort to save more images of him, but because - as his blog title suggests - he is narcissistic and simply posts 4976398673 more than his counterparts.

These albums will be updated as more photos come up, so feel free to refer back to them as you like. ♡

Also: I'm trying rather hard to find a copy of Remorse so that I may upload it for those who have not heard it yet! ^^v

Moreover -- for those who are interested, Airu does still keep a blog. From what I can tell, he is still actively doing session work, and Naru and he peta each other still as well. I wonder what caused the split? Anyways, here is a link to Airu's new ameblo -- here.
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