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New Member & OHP Facelift

Hello everyone!!

As Shion (who seems to be quite excited about it all) posted in his blog, their upcoming live at 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA) will be "the start of a new Velgreed".

As such, their OHP has gotten a facelift, with no new photos appearing as of yet. New look soon! :D

Their new member, bassist 遥 (Haruka), will be performing with them at this live.

This is the only pic so far of the four of them!

Note: A bigger photo of this and the coinciding post can be found on Naru's blog.

Does anyone else think he looks sort of like Shinji from SID? xD

Good news, anyways! ♡ I hope they do well at their next live.
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