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Comment CD

I hate to have my first post to this group be a sales post, but... Well, I'll introduce myself first.

I've been a fan of Velgreed since they first started, and a fan of Naru since he was in a band called Neiro (before Vulgar and Lovin). I live in Osaka, so I have the opportunity to see them play from time to time (though I don't go to every live). I'm glad that someone decided to make a Velgreed community!! I run a community for DI3SIRAE - who belong to the same management company as Velgreed and are also good friends.

Now for the sales part. When I bought their Dystopia CD, I received a comment CD. It was only given to people who bought the CD from the band at the live house - not from any of the CD shops. Anyway, I love their music, but I dont really need the comment CD. It's pretty long: over 18 minutes. They talk about the songs on the CD and then they chat about their interests and such (for a very long time!).

I'm sure everyone would prefer me to upload this CD, but I have zero technological ability! If anyone would be interested in buying the CD, please let me know. It ships from Japan, but I can do it pretty cheaply (as long as you dont mind basic airmail without insurance).

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