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News about Naru

As some of this community may be aware, Naru has been having some troubles recently regarding his voice/singing. There's been some medical concern as it's been painful/difficult for him to speak and/or sing. Their most recent live seems to have been quite an ordeal for him to go through.

He recently made a lengthy blog post detailing how he's been feeling, both emotionally surrounding the circumstances and his actual condition.

Us fans here at velgreed have been fortunate to have the aid of the lovely emichiee to translate this blog entry and let everyone know what's up.

Translation is under the .


I'm home safe.

This trip I went on…
it really was hell.

My voice is finally starting to get better now -- it's really annoying, but I'm glad it's at least getting better.

I'm sorry for worrying everyone.

For a while the pharmacist was telling me I might have a polyp, so I had that on my mind for the whole trip.

I didn't know what was going to happen...
Or if I might have to stop singing…

The stress was killing me.

It was really bad when we were rehearsing -- my voice really wasn't working at all, I couldn't scream, I was getting all hoarse and I knew there was no way I could go onstage in this state so I was really, really upset, was almost in tears the whole time.

But when we finished and I was just there in this sort of daze, our fearless leader Shion comes up to me and says:
"Your singing isn't the only thing they love about you, so just relax and use your stage presence to draw them in -- it is what you do best ☆"

Those words saved me.
It really, really was the best thing anyone could've said to me at the time.

I'd be way too embarrassed to tell him that, though X3
But I'm never going to forget what he said -- it made me so happy.

Made it through the live by sheer force of will.
Couldn't really manage anything you'd call singing, but I did try to put all the emotions out there, even more so than usual.

You were there, no?
The others supported me, too.
And you guys were really supportive.

I owe you, again.
I am going to do my utmost to sing even better, and become the best fucking vocalist you've ever seen.

So keep your eyes on me, and VELGREED.

Also, thanks to everyone who came to the instore yesterday.
I know I could barely talk and when I did I sounded like Medama-oyaji [from GeGeGe no Kitaro], but it was lots of fun getting to talk to you all anyway X3

Looking forward to my next chance ☆

And thanks for all the gifts & letters ☆ (or should I say the medicine? X3)

Here's to hoping for the absolute best for him and the band, and that everything works out just fine. (n_n)v
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