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I translated VELGREED's announcement from their OHP.
you can read it HERE at my journal.
it's an amateurish translation, but it was really hard to translate it (it was an image not a text which made it more difficult) so please don't claim as yours and credit me if reposting, thank you.

p.s. I didn't know if I should friends lock this so I left it public, tell me if I should lock it.

News about Naru

As some of this community may be aware, Naru has been having some troubles recently regarding his voice/singing. There's been some medical concern as it's been painful/difficult for him to speak and/or sing. Their most recent live seems to have been quite an ordeal for him to go through.

He recently made a lengthy blog post detailing how he's been feeling, both emotionally surrounding the circumstances and his actual condition.

Us fans here at velgreed have been fortunate to have the aid of the lovely emichiee to translate this blog entry and let everyone know what's up.

Translation is under the Collapse )

Here's to hoping for the absolute best for him and the band, and that everything works out just fine. (n_n)v


Anyone interested in buying an Airu cheki (mini-polaroid photo) from me? I got it at his session band live last night. It's a really nice one, but I'm just not a fan. He wrote his name (followed by a heart) and the date on it, and he's smiling and making a heart sign with his hands in the photo.

Please send me a private message for more info.
srs business // fuckers x3

Awakening the 4 Ray Album Art & Keitai Ranking

Hey everyone! Just a quick note that Velgreed has updated their OHP with the art for Awakening the 4 Ray!

Looks very pretty~. ♡

Just to let you all know this is still available for preorder on CD Japan!!

It seems to be getting quite popular, too. All the boys have been posting that they have a, as Haruka put it, "monopoly" over the Like An Edison keitai-ranking; coming in at #1, #2, AND #3 for the songs from their new maxi-single. XDD

Naru demonstrates with a photo of his own keitai. 8D/ Unfortunately as hard as I've tried to find the same access on the regular website, it seems that these things are limited only to Japanese cell-phone users. Alas.

Well, congratulations to them for their success! (n_n)v
cute food // bee cake

Awakening the 4 Ray Pre-Order

Hey everyone!!

Just thought I would share the news that a pre-order of "Awakening the 4 Ray" is available from CDJapan here: click! and that for those of you interested in buying it they also have the regular edition of Facts Drown in Abuse as well (the later release with the snakeskin cover as opposed to the leopard print one).

:3 Support those skinny boys!! (Lol)
Especially Kai, man... He's gotta eat. o.O

Hello ベルグリード fans!

I have here for you a gift!!
All of the Velgreed photos I have ever accumulated since the start of their band.
They are in no particular order, feel free to have a look. :)
All these links will bring you to my respective Velgreed Photobucket albums. :D Enjoy!!

Naru **

** Note: There are not 4976398673 more images of Naru because I took more effort to save more images of him, but because - as his blog title suggests - he is narcissistic and simply posts 4976398673 more than his counterparts.

These albums will be updated as more photos come up, so feel free to refer back to them as you like. ♡

Also: I'm trying rather hard to find a copy of Remorse so that I may upload it for those who have not heard it yet! ^^v

Moreover -- for those who are interested, Airu does still keep a blog. From what I can tell, he is still actively doing session work, and Naru and he peta each other still as well. I wonder what caused the split? Anyways, here is a link to Airu's new ameblo -- here.

Basic Update

No real OHP news, despite the fact that all the guys' blogs seem to be teasing us with the hints that they've been doing photoshoots, there's no hard evidence of this having happened as of yet. xD

New bassist 遥 (Haruka) seems to be doing quite well though... is anyone lucky enough to have the chance to go to their live on the 28th?? From the personality I can gauge from his blog, he and Naru are going to turn out to be 'besties'. XD At least for the time being. He's posted a lot in the short while they've been together!! Go check it out. (They even have the same taste in accessories.)

Naru has also seemed to have deleted all his previous blog entries, and started anew! O.O; (I hate when bandmen do that. =_=;) Speaking of recent blog-news, he also posted these:

Has anyone tried these chips??!!

I first stumbled across them in a Lawson in Tokyo not far from Holiday Shinjuku. They're Calbee's 'Pizza Potato' chips. These things are amazing. Fabulous. My favourite junk food in the world. If you can find them at your nearby Asian snack food/grocery store, I highly suggest trying them. (After all they seem to be Velgreed-approved).

Kai is just being his regular self, nothing too notary, you can check it out yourself here. XDDD

Shion also posted a new manga recently that he picked up in lieu of another that he couldn't find at that moment. He says it's interesting, and that the characters are cool. xD I personally believe Shion is one of the most genuinely interesting members of Velgreed. (I think that used to be held by Kei, before he left. ;~;) There's a photo of the cover in his blog. Looks sexy! XD
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New Member & OHP Facelift

Hello everyone!!

As Shion (who seems to be quite excited about it all) posted in his blog, their upcoming live at 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA) will be "the start of a new Velgreed".

As such, their OHP has gotten a facelift, with no new photos appearing as of yet. New look soon! :D

Their new member, bassist 遥 (Haruka), will be performing with them at this live.

This is the only pic so far of the four of them!

Note: A bigger photo of this and the coinciding post can be found on Naru's blog.

Does anyone else think he looks sort of like Shinji from SID? xD

Good news, anyways! ♡ I hope they do well at their next live.